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Bespoke Tutors For You

As a teacher I know that every student is different and finding the correct tutor for you can be a struggle. Personality can also make a huge difference, so I meet and get to know the all of the tutors personally in order to match each student with their perfect tutor.

Tried and Tested Tutors

Education can be an amazing experience, but it can also be stressful, especially if you do not get on with your teacher/tutor. To this end we try to ensure that your tutor is not only exceptional at their subject, but brings interest and enthusiasm to their sessions.

Brighton Based

We are always seeking out the best tutors within Brighton to provide you with the best possible match.

What People Are Saying

Matthew Sutton

BSc Physics

"Having previously been tutored by Merlin during my studies at Sussex, I can thoroughly recommend him as a teacher. His knowledge is very complete, and has an excellent ability to explain and transfer that knowledge."

Piers Robinson

A-Level Physics and Maths

"Merlin's help with Henry has definitely had a positive impact. He is flexible, patient and adaptive to Henry's learning style. Great start and I intend to continue!"

Lynne Trower

GCSE Science

"Merlin tutored my daughters for 5 months in the lead up to their GCSEs. He is reliable and punctual and has a passion for his subject, especially physics. He related their learning to everyday examples and was easy for them to talk to. We would use him again in the future."