Become a Tutor Today!

As a tutor with Merlin Tuition, you will be fully self-employed. We take no responsibility for all tax payable nor any other benefits of being employed.*
As a company we make our money from getting you sessions. We will take £5 for each hour you work with any student who you find via us. If your details are passed on by one of these students then the students given this information will also be considered students that we have got you and we will charge you for the sessions you get with them. This fee must be sent by the end of the month after the session happened along with an invoice for hours with each student.*
All payment for sessions is between the tutor and student. We cannot take any responsibility for payment for sessions.*

Why Become a Tutor?

Tuition can be an extremely rewarding job. Hours can depend on what you can give and there is nothing more satisfying that seeing a student understanding a topic fully.

Here at Merlintuition we are constantly looking to find the best tutors in all subjects and bring them together with students to ensure the best experience for both.

So join us today to begin building up your client base. No matter if you are new to tuition or an experienced we can fit you in. Working together we will ensure that you are advertised and supported with your students.

Any questions?

If you have any queries about becoming a tutor with merlin tuition, please feel free to send me an e-mail at: