Merlin Tuition - Brighton's Bespoke Tuition Service

As a teacher I know that every student is different and finding the correct tutor for you can be a struggle. With this in mind I setup merlintuition to find the very best tutors in the area. We meet all of our tutors personally to ensure that they are up to the standard of tuition which we expect. We also know that personality can make a huge difference and so we try to get to know our tutors so that we can pick the perfect tutor and student matches.

We are always seeking out the best tutors within Brighton to provide you with the best possible match.

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Our Ethos

Education can be an amazing experience, but it can also bring with it stress, especially if you do not get on with your teacher/tutor. To this end we try to ensure that your tutor is not only exceptional at their subject, but brings interest and enthusiasm to their sessions.

We believe that one of the most important parts of education is passion. If you enjoy a subject then it is far easier to learn it and so all of our tutors are passionate about their subjects and bring this passion to their students.

From this passion the students understanding grows and the grades come from this.

Not Convinced?

Take a look at what some of our other students said

Kathy Whitestone

GCSE to A-Level Maths

"Merlin taught my son and 4 other home educated students maths to GCSE level over two years. Some of these students had done none, or very little, maths before starting lessons with Merlin. All the students passed with grades A to C having taken the higher paper. Merlin also tutors my eldest son who is studying A level maths and recently got an A in his AS maths. Merlin is able to share not only his knowledge and understanding of the subject, but also his enthusiasm, making lessons a relaxed and enjoyable experience for all. In short I can happily recommend Merlin very highly indeed."

Maddie and Amy

GCSE Maths

"Hi Merlin, Thought you would like to know that Amy got A* for her Maths GCSE. We are both very grateful for your excellent maths tutition. You brought Amy from a slightly wobbly Key Stage 3, lacking in confidence with her maths to an A* higher level maths student who now feels full of confidence with her maths ability. She is particuarly delighted with her grade as this will ease her access to a sports pyschology degree as many of the universities require A* in maths GCSE to do medical type degrees. And you did all this is in 2 terms! You are truely a magician!"

Ben Smeaton-Russell

Engineering Foundation Year (University of Sussex)

"Merlin was my PAL session tutor during my Engineering Foundation Year. My knowledge of maths was not good at the time, and I am quite confident that without Merlin's help I would not have passed the year. Merlin is a very patient teacher, and took the time to explain subjects clearly. He is committed to the success of those he teaches. I can recommend him highly as a tutor, and I believe you would find his tutor skills invaluable."